About Us

Enrouta is a provider of travel services primarily oriented towards Asian consumers or mainstream travelers to Asia. We focus on selling unique value add services that our customers are demanding. These services are not easy to put together so we use the best people, technology, industry contacts and operational agents when developing any of our services.

How are our products different? Well, let’s start with what we don’t do. We don’t sell point to point air tickets, single hotel reservations or classic family tours. There are hundreds of tour operators that sell these products and services - and that is not our space.

What we provide are four unique and innovative product lines:

  • Customer Segment Products: These products bring together travelers with similar interests or backgrounds in the most appropriate manner for that particular segment. Our segments include students, singles, professionals, seniors, hobby enthusiasts, and adventure enthusiasts.
  • Arrival Services: These products package all the things you need for complex arrival scenarios. These services will be launched in Summer 2011.
  • Social Networking Services: This service allows a core group of travelers to develop a package and then expand it to people who have a similar affinity to the core group. This service leverages social media applications such as Facebook. These services will be launched in summer of 2011.
  • OnTheWay Tours: Our only products focusing on air travel are long haul tickets with embedded stopovers. Enrouta is the only company on the web that packages flights in this manner and provides them to the customer in one place. The full OnTheWay service will launch in the summer of 2011. This service is so unique that we have named our company and designed are logo around the concept.

All Enrouta products and services are developed around key company principles:

  • Provide Customer Service at the highest level
  • Provide value-add products that are unique
  • Gather market data from travelers to and from Asia and provide products they are requesting.
  • Always innovate and bring new ideas and concepts to the market
  • Build the core cost and margin into our main product. Add-ons and additional services are transparent and competitive.
  • Strive to create a sense of community with our users through product design, social media and loyal customers.
  • Ajat Shatru Tariyal

    Ajat is the Founder and CEO of Enrouta. Prior to Enrouta, he worked for over 15 years as a management consultant designing and delivering innovative travel solutions for airlines, travel agencies, hotels and car rental companies. His key expertise was in the development of complex CRM strategies for ecommerce platforms. During this time he was on the pre-launch strategy teams for four e-commerce startup projects; Travelocity, ebookers, BTW, and Opodo.

    Ajat has backpacked on multi-month trips across most of the countries of South America, Asia and Africa. As an outdoor enthusiast, he has hiked, rafted, swam and biked in most of the worlds mountain ranges. As a soccer(futball) fan, he has attended several World Cups, Euro Cups and various tournaments. As a management consultant he has travelled for meetings and projects in the most obscure towns in every country in Europe and the Middle East. As a volunteer for the UN he has worked in refugee camps in Bosnia, Rwanda, Iraq, Russia, and Kosovo. As an aspiring hobbyist he has taken a year off to live in Florence to learn how to cook(successfully) and paint(unsuccessfully). As a husband to a sophisticated New Yorker he has arranged (and enjoyed) stays at the world’s best luxury resorts. Its safe to say that travel of any kind is his passion.

    Ajat currently resides in New York with his wife and his two children. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

  • Kristy Hall

    Kristy Hall is Enrouta's family travel specialist.

    As the founder of Two and a Half Travelers, Kristy helps families achieve their travel dreams. Kristy's clients benefit from her extensive travel experience, her attention to detail and her passion for learning about new destinations. She has sent families around the world including creating once-in-a-lifetime itineraries for clients traveling to India, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, French Polynesia, Fiji and Australia. Some of her own personal favorite vacation destinations include: Vietnam, Jordan and India.

    Before launching Two and a Half Travelers, Kristy was the director of corporate communications for a financial services firm in Manhattan. Two and a Half Travelers was born while she was expecting her first son who is now 4. Her family of three recently became a foursome through international adoption from India. Kristy is now hopelessly outnumbered in her own home as the Mom of two preschool boys. Kristy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from Boston University and resides in the New York Metropolitan area.

  • Nikhil Pandit

    Nikhil manages Enrouta travel operations in India through his company TGS. He is also a key advisor in designing the products for students.

    Nikhil and his family are legendary in India for being one of the pioneers of travel development and customer service. His family entered the business in 1951 and was responsible for working with royal families to convert their properties into luxury hotels. To this day Nikhil and his family have had a positive impact on thousands of tourists visiting India. Recently, he was selected by the US Embassy to plan and manage President Bill Clinton’s trip through Rajasthan – as well as the 600 staff and security travelling with him!

    Nikhil lives in Jaipur and received a Bachelor of Commerce at Commerce College Jaipur and his MBA from the Poddar Institute of Management.

  • Gabriela Nik. Ileva
    Advisor Language Studies

    Gabriela Nik. Ilieva advises Enrouta on designing and implementing short language curriculums in context of travel.

    She is a Clinical Associate Professor at New York University, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Coordinator of the Hindi and Urdu language Programs. She has been teaching Hindi language, Ancient Indian and Modern South Asian Literature for 18 years. She is the Academic Director of a Summer Teacher Training Institute, Project Director for South Asian Languages, Database Project at the National Heritage Language Resource Center, UCLA, Task Force Member of the STARTALK Initiative at the National Language Resource Center, University of Maryland and. She has publications in the fields of Hindi and Urdu Language Pedagogy, Gender and Language in Sanskrit Literature as well as poetry translations.